While spinning for our dinner may very well be one of our favorite nightly hobbies, our favorite morning ritual is fetching the newspaper for dad! Here we are doing just that this past Saturday!

—Hope and Rosey


08/15/2013 5:04pm

Good girl Hope. You had to go a long way to get that paper. We are not sure three cookies was sufficient reward!

the brown dawgs

08/16/2013 6:26pm

I am quickly falling in love with your fur babies, their daddies...and their BEAUTIFUL home!! I just HAD to mention Hope and Rosey's Dinnertime video on my blog: http://lifeembarked.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/youtube-videos-how-to-make-dinnertime-and-bathtime-fun-for-your-dog-and-you/
I first watched it two weeks ago, and your girls just made my month! All the best to you! :-)

08/20/2013 12:31pm

I love your girls! We lost our Springer in March 2011 and, after a long wait, will finally be getting our new pup in three weeks. Our boy, Spencer was also called Bubby and he had his own made up songs like your girls. Our new pup is also going to have a blog and we will definitely be following yours with interest!

08/20/2013 1:10pm

Hope did so well getting the paper. I love your home; I hope Hope and Rosie have things to do all over it so I can drool while watching. Rosie was such a good girl to just get a participation cookie. I can't wait for more.

09/20/2013 12:36pm

love those dogs. i've already watched the video tens of times! so lovely, I wish I could cuddle them :)

10/18/2013 3:25pm

The little songs are the best part, you must record an album! My dog likes to listen to your voice!


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