Starting on on August 12th, Hope and Rosey are excited to bring to you—our loyal fans—our latest grooming advice, obedience tips, favorite photos and online videos here on!


Hope and Rosey


Edward McArthur
08/07/2013 2:03pm

Nothing but best wishes Hope and Rosey!!!!

08/07/2013 2:07pm

That's awesome!!! Best of luck to you all!!!! 😘😘😘😘XO

08/08/2013 7:37pm

Yay Hope! Yay Rosey!

Heather Brown-Young
08/11/2013 7:25am

So excited that Hope and Rosey have their own page. We are also owners of two springer girls. Sadie (liver/white)) is 3 and Sasha (black/white), is 1.5 years young. We also have a dinnertime song as well. It goes like this: It's puppy dog dinner time. Puppy dog dinner time. Puppy dog, puppy dog, puppy dog dinner tiiiimmmmme!!!! The girls don't do a matching dance like Hope and Rosey but are bouncing around just the same!!!

08/11/2013 6:41pm

How delightful! I hope they'll be more singing and spinning!

Amy F.
08/12/2013 5:59pm

I've had that "Dinnertime" song stuck in my head all week. Haha. Love Hope and Rosey! Thanks for this dog blog!

08/14/2013 9:23am

Just checking to see if Hope and Rosey's page was up yet. Can't wait.

08/19/2013 6:29pm

Love your dogs. Keep the videos coming!

lee atkinson
08/24/2013 4:38am

I have a tri color male 4 yrs. love my springer

Tim and Kris
08/24/2013 11:19pm

We have owned Springers our entire lives; usually more than one at a time. We are on our 6th and 7th and just happen to think this was the best breed God created! We always try to name them English names: we currently have Clifford, who is 14, and Maggie (short for Margaret Thatcher) who is 7. I have shared your video with all of my friends, especially ESS lovers. It's encouraging to read your story and that life is much more promising than it was three years ago. What would we do without our babies?!

08/27/2013 5:13am

Juat love your girls, and your dinner song. Once you hear it just sticks in your head. We have always owned ESS. Currenly we just have only one fur baby, Murray is a 10 month old Tri color. (we lost our 13 yr old ESS Abby 2 weeks ago to cancer)

Since someone posted Hope and Rosey dinner dance on my facebook page. We play it for Murray often. He loves to watch. He usally watches tv if it happens to be on. But if I pull up your song, He will run into the room to watch.
Thank you for brightening our days.

12/20/2013 5:23am

Love Hope and Rosey! We also have a beautiful springer girl, Abby!
Because of your video she now waits for me to place her food down and give he a command to eat. Can you tell me if Hope and Rosey sleep in dog beds, and if they do, I am looking for a basket type bed for Abby. Love your house decor and style, so would love to see pics of where they sleep!


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