This past Tuesday--Hope and Rosey officially made it into the "Copy Cats" segment on Jay Leno

We're so excited that our Dinner Time video continues to entertain so many and that the story behind it (as seen in the Newtown Bee & Beauty & the Bean) continues to inspire so many!  

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Let's see if we can make it happen!

--Hope and Rosey
Our story, that was recently featured on Beauty & the Bean—Beauty in Perspective—has also made it to THE NEWTOWN BEE.

A special thanks to journalist, Kendra Bobowick of The Newtown Bee, for the kind article written about us and our dad!

Read it here:
While spinning for our dinner may very well be one of our favorite nightly hobbies, our favorite morning ritual is fetching the newspaper for dad! Here we are doing just that this past Saturday!

—Hope and Rosey
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Hope and Rosey